Live WEBINAR: How To Build A Nice 6 Page Website For Your Church

In this exclusive FREE Live Webinar, Pastor Dre will teach you the skills necessary to build a nice 6 page website for your church from scratch. This is a perfect opportunity to boost your online presence as a church. 

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Build a Nice Home Page

Build A Contact Us Page

Build a Podcast Page

Build a Live Stream Page

We are all aware of the restrictions on church's to have a gathering in a physical building.
Your Church's Website Is Now The New Building

If your church doesn't have a website, it is like your church doesn't have a building. In this powerful webinar, Pastor Dre will teach you how to build a 5 page website for your church from scratch.

Not only that, you can build this website for free.

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Wouldn't it be Awesome to invite your friends and family to tune into
your church service by going to your website, instead of sending them to an over saturated and distracting social media platform.

If you are in a place where you would like to have a website for your church, but you don't have 1,000's dollars on the budget to pay someone to do it.

Then this course is designed just for you. Yes, you have your social media page and that is good, but there is nothing like having your own website to invite someone to tune into your church.

I see many churches inviting people to tune in to their online services via social media, but the best way to get someone to watch your online service is from your on website.

Why? Because when you have your own website there are things you can do that you on your church website that you cannot do on social media.

When you have your own website, you can have a contact us page, you can have a blog page, you can have a giving page, you can have a podcast page and so much more.

Not to mention all the distractions when someone is watching your service via social media. ( Wow that is a nice cat - let me click on the photo. lol

Your website is now your new church building. If  you don't have a website, then it is like your church doesn't have a building. 

You will walk away from this webinar knowing how to build a website from scratch, 

clear steps to boost your church's online presence, and a better

understanding of how important it is to have a website for your church.