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Here is what I will show you in this class:

How To Build A Youth Ministry That Will Impact This Generation 

I pack this course with Youth Ministry Resources and Youth Ministry Lessons that will help you take your youth ministry to another level.

I have over 30 years of experience working with Young People and I would love to share some of my knowledge with you.

Learn How To Get Young People To Use Their Talents And Gifts To Reach This Generation With The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

Have you been trying to build your youth ministry, but nothing seems to work?

You have tried everything you know how to do and the only ones that are coming out are the ones that have to be there because they are the kids of the leaders in the church.

Building a youth ministry in this generation can be a challenge, but in this class I will show you how to build a solid youth ministry, recruit for your youth ministry and structure your youth ministry for unlimited growth.

Warning: I guarantee This class will take your youth ministry to another level. 
Make sure you are ready for the growth.


How to get a vision for your youth ministry.

youth ministry ideas

How to establish the right ministries

youth ministry games

How to choose the right team players


How to place people so they produce effectively

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