how to build a youth ministry video course

Youth Ministry Video Course

How To Build A Youth Ministry That Will Impact This Generation

I packed this course with Youth Ministry Resources and Youth Ministry Lessons that will help you take your youth ministry to another level.

I have over 30 years of experience working with Young People and I would love to share some of my knowledge with you.

In this course you will Learn How To Get Young People To Use Their Talents And Gifts To Reach This Generation With The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

Have you been trying to build your youth ministry, but nothing seems to work?

You have tried everything you know how to do and the only ones that are coming out are the ones that have to be there because they are the kids of the leaders in the church.

Building a youth ministry in this generation can be a challenge, but in this class I will show you how to build a solid youth ministry, recruit for your youth ministry and structure your youth ministry for unlimited growth.

When I was a youth pastor and I wasn't seeing the growth I wanted to see, I started trying all kinds of things to get my youth ministry to grow.

( See if you have tried any of these )

  • I have tried games
  • I have tried ice breakers
  • I have tried hyped events
  • Compromising my standards so that young people would like to be at youth night
  • and all kinds of things to bring growth
  • Having over 30 years of experience in Youth Ministry, I have learned a few things that will build a solid ministry. I would like to walk you through step by step on how to apply these concepts to your ministry.

They work not only in youth ministry, but they will also work in helping you build a Church.

Here are a few Testimonials from the class:

Really great tips and key points on building a team for Youth Ministry. I feel like I know where to go from here to start to build this team and work on my passion/purpose/vision for our church youth ministry. Thank you, Pastor Dre! –

Nakore Townsend 

Thank you for the course! It saved my time to have a general impression how to establish youth groups and lead them to the common vision. Eye opener for me from the course was not to concentrate on working on the needs of young people, but work on to find out their passion, determine their power spot, which will help them not to belong to the vulnerable groups. Best of Luck!  –


Even though this course is designed for Youth Ministry, don't let that stop you because it can also be used to build and bring solid growth to any ministry in the church.

This course will equip you the student break growth barriers and take your ministry to another level using the team concept.

The course will take you around 1 hour to complete and will leave you with the necessary tools you need to bring numerical and spiritual growth to your youth ministry.

In this course, I will walk you through step by step on how to use the team concept to build a solid and relevant ministry in this generation.

I will be using

  • video,
  • text,
  • images,
  • power points,
  • quizzes and more.
  • I even give you a way to contact me personally if you have any questions along the way.

Not only that, you can also feel free to contact me if you have any questions once you finish the course.

Here are some more testimonials from students who have taken the course:

This was a solid course. Very practical steps to unifying and expanding your youth ministry. You can tell the instructor care about his students, as well as the youth he pastors over; he didn't hold back on his knowledge and concepts that have worked for him. This was a good course. I will implement many of these concepts in my ever-growing youth group – Audi Lynch

Clear and Concise Content and easy to follow. Course Provided practical strategies on how to grow a youth ministry with a vision in place. My take away is “We use Ministry to build people not people to build Ministry.” PEOPLE focused is our goal when building the youth. Only thing missing was a downloadable Checklist and Content Summary. Pastor Dre is certainly enthusiastic and passionate about youth ministry. He is fulfilling purpose and potential in “Power Spot.” – Shannon Thorne-Brackett 

The course is structured in 4 sections for you to get the best out of the class.

Section 1. You need to have a vision – This brings your team together

Section 2. Establish the right ministries – Allows others to use their gifting and passion

Section 3. Choosing the right team players – Will help you to have a very productive team

Section 4. Potential for the purpose – Powerful class teaching us that we have the ability to do what God has anointed and called us to do.

I believe every leader that wants to make an impact and build a lasting youth ministry or ministry in this generation for the Honor and Glory of God should take this course.

A few more testimonials of students who have taken the course:

W0W it was mind blowing for me most especially on getting the mind of God for my youth ministry. – Stephen uche

It is informative and encouraging and has a lot of general ideas that other churches can use. Kris Nealon Wilson 

Excellent information and encouragement. Thanks Pastor Dre. Nickg –

A whole lot of information and a huge help, I'm so grateful! – Jessie Bautista 

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I will also give you FREE access to my audio book entitled ‘ How To Build A Youth Ministry With The Team Concept .”

You can listen to this while you are driving, exercising, traveling or in your study time.

I will also give you FREE access to my website tutorial that will teach you how to build a nice website for your church, ministry, or youth ministry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me 24/7.

I am excited to serve you and I look forward to hearing the praise reports of how this class has helped you take your youth ministry to another level.

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Sincerely, Pastor Dre