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"How to build a youth ministry with the team concept"

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Clear and Concise Content and easy to follow. Course Provided practical strategies on how to grow a youth ministry with a vision in place. My take away is "We use Ministry to build people not people to build Ministry." PEOPLE focused is our goal when building the youth. Only thing missing was a downloadable Checklist and Content Summary. Pastor Dre is certainly enthusiastic and passionate about youth ministry. He is fulfilling purpose and potential in "Power Spot."

  Prof. Shannon

5 Stars...

Senor Jorge


This was a solid course. Very practical steps to unifying and expanding your youth ministry. You can tell the instructor care about his students, as well as the youth he pastors over; he didn't hold back on his knowledge and concepts that have worked for him. This was a good course. I will implement many of these concepts in my ever growing youth group.

  Audi Lynch