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Pastor-Dre-youth-ministry-blogYouth Ministry Podcast

Hello fellow youth pastors, youth leaders and youth workers.

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Gospel Dj Drops

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How to pioneer a youth ministry

how to pioneer a youth ministryHow to pioneer a Youth Ministry –

Hello all, How you feelin?

It’s your boy Pastor Dre and I just wanted to stop by and give a few tips and pointers you can use when you are pioneering a Youth Ministry.

Just to give you a little background about myself. I have been working in Youth Ministry for about 26 years. I became a youth leader in 1988 and I became a youth pastor in 1991 and I have been working with young people every since then.

How to pioneer a Youth Ministry?

Wow that is a loaded question…

Even though youth ministry is one of the funnest ministries I have ever been involved in. It can be challenging at times because the ways to meet the needs among young people are constantly changing.

The challenge is to keep up with the times.

Here a few tips and pointers that I would give to anyone who is learning starting out in Youth Ministry.

1. It is not a popularity contest
youth ministry

When I first started in youth ministry I tried my hardest to be the cool youth pastor and wanting everybody to like me. It started off well until one day I was told “you are not cool.” It devastated me as a new youth pastor, but I learned a lot from that statement. I learned as long as I was their friend and let them do whatever they wanted I was cool, but whenever I put my foot down for my convictions, they didn’t like it. So I learned that day that I couldn’t lead a youth ministry trying to be their friend, I needed to lead this youth ministry being their leader.

Pioneering a youth ministry

2. Spend time with the young people outside of Church:

If you have any young people that are on the soccer team, football team, choir, or any other extra curricular activity in their school, I would encourage you to try and make it to one or two games. Many of the young people come from dysfunctional homes and it means the world to them to have their youth leader in the crowd cheering them on. Not only extra curricular activities, but if you can invite them out for lunch, an ice cream or even a movie. You will be surprised how a young person begins to open up to you when they are not around other young people.

Side Note: If you are having a challenge with a young person who is just not listening, being rebellious, and wanting to do their own thing. Before you give up on them take them out for a lunch or a football game and watch how that young person will begin to respond to you.

3. Don’t get caught up in the numbers.
youth ministry ideasThe last tip I would like to share is:

Remember, to build something takes time and it is no different in youth ministry. Too many times we can get caught up in how many young people are coming to our youth nights. Yes, I think having a lot of young people is great, but if they are not fulfilling the purposes of God upon their life then it can become just a crowd.

I am a firm believer that we should use youth ministry to disciple young people in the things of God. Challenging them to fulfill the purposes of God upon their life.

When I first started in youth ministry I was more focused on the numbers and was trying to do things to get numbers and not growing the spiritual lives of the young people. With an atmosphere that is not spiritual, it came become just a hang out. I decided I didn’t want a hang out, but I want to create an atmosphere where the call of God can be heard.

If you are new at being a youth leader or youth pastor I can’t stress this enough. Focus on creating an atmosphere where the call of God can be heard and everything else will come together. What I am saying is this: if you focus on the spiritual develop of the young people and grow them spiritually, then the growth in your youth night numbers will automatically come.

Blog: How to pioneer a youth ministry

Youth Ministry Ideas for today’s Youth Pastor

youth-pastorYouth Ministry Ideas for today's Youth Pastor

Hello everybody, How are you feeling today?
First of all I would like to take this time to say thank you for stopping by and reading my Youth Ministry Ideas blog.

In this short blog, I am going to share some youth ministry ideas that I have been able to put into practice as a youth pastor.

These ideas are not something that I have gotten from a book or just made up, but these are proven youth ministry ideas that are guaranteed to take your youth ministry to another level.

In this blog I am going to share 3 ideas that have helped me throughout the years, as a youth pastor. Now I know that sometimes we like to depend on youth ministry games, ice-breakers and different things to attract crowds and I am not against those things, but this is not a blog about the best youth ministry games. These ideas are not going to just attract a crowd, but these ideas are guaranteed to help grow your young people and your youth ministry.

youth ministry ideas
3 key ideas for the youth pastor

1. Have a vision

  1. It is very important as a youth pastor to have a vision of where you would like to take your youth ministry. The popular scripture in Proverbs 29:18 says “18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he..”

In order to lead the young people in my youth ministry, I need to know where I am going. That is why it is important to have a vision of where I would like to go.

There are a few things that having a vision will do for you:

  1. A vision will give you direction
  2. A vision will give you meaning
  3. A vision will give you purpose.

What is the reason that you gather with your young people on the day you have youth night. Is it to hang out? Is it to have fun? Is it because I have to go I am the youth pastor? Or is it because I have a vision of where I would like to see our youth ministry and our young people?

If you are a youth pastor today I encourage you to get a vision for your youth ministry.

2. Talents and Gifts

Encourage young people to use their talents and gifts for the honor and glory of Jesus.

The good thing is that all of us have been given at least one talent or gift that we can use for Jesus.
As a youth pastor I would really encourage you to challenge and motivate the young people to be faithful in using their talents and gifts for Jesus.
See that is another good thing about having a vision. Because now we can ask the young people that have gifts and talents in certain areas, to use those gifting s to help us move toward our vision.

In order to find our a young person's gifting or talents I usually ask them 2 questions.

  1. If you could do anything for God and knew you wouldn't fail what would you do?
  2. If you could do anything for God and money didn't stop you what would you do?

Usually the answer to these 2 questions will tell me a young person's gifting, passion and power spot.

It is very key to place young people in their power spots because that is where they are going to be the most effective.

If you would like more information of placing young people in the power spots I have a Free online class entitled How to build a youth ministry with the team concept” that goes into more detail.

You can enroll for FREE just click here.youth ministry games

3. Keep Growing as a youth pastor

The challenge for every leader is to keep growing. The saying goes if the leader stops growing then so does the ministry. You may be thinking hummm where is this in my youth minister job description.

It is important as a youth leader or youth pastor to keep yourself up to date in youth ministry. Yes youth ministry games or good, ice-breakers are good, concerts, outreaches and so are crowd breakers , but there is nothing like having a youth pastor or youth leader who continues to grow in their capacity.

I want to encourage you as a youth pastor, youth leader or youth worker try to continue to grow in your capacity. The more we grow as leaders the more the people that we lead are able to grow.

Example: If my leadership is a 7 then I can lead 6's and under, but if my leadership is a 9 then I can lead 8's and under. I can't lead higher than my capacity as a leader.
Try to become a specialist in your area of ministry, then you will see phenomenal growth in yourself and your ministry.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog: if you would like to get a hold of me, you can email me at [email protected]

God Bless you – Pastor Dre

Blog: Youth Ministry Ideas

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Hello everybody – How are you feeling today?

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Free Pre Recorded DJ DropsBlog: DJ Drops on Fiverr

Youth Ministry Online Class

FREE – Youth Ministry Online Class

Hello everyone it's your boy Pastor Dre. I am just stopping by to encourage you to enroll in my Free online class entitled How to build a youth ministry with the team concept

This class is filled with church youth program ideas and power packed content that is guaranteed to break growth barriers and take your ministry to another level.

Youth MinistryYouth Ministry Ideas:

Course Description

This course will equip the student on How to build a Youth Ministry using the team concept.

This course should take you around 1 hour to complete and will leave you with the necessary tools to take your Youth Minister Job Description to the next level.

I have been in ministry for over 26 years now and I have come to realize that using team ministry to build is one of the most effective ways to build a ministry.

In this course we will be using video, text, images, power point, quizzes and even a way to contact and keep in touch with the instructor after you finish the course.

The course has great youth ministry lessons and is structured in 4 segments for you to get the best out of the class.

1. You need to have a vision

2. Establish the right ministries

3. Choosing the right team players

4. Potential for the purpose

I believe every leader that wants to make an impact and build a lasting ministry in this generation for the Honor and Glory of God should take this course.

Sincerely, Pastor DreYouth Ministry Games

What are the requirements?

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Heart to grow and learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to build a youth ministry with the team concept
  • How to empower your team
  • How to put your team in their power spots
  • How to mobilize team players to make a difference by using their talents
  • Grow your ministry to another level

What is the target audience?

  • This course is suited for all Leaders, Youth Pastor, Youth Leaders and those who desire to get the best out of their team.

So if you are interested in taking your ministry to another level enroll in my FREE class today.

Once again let me emphasize this class is full of material that is guaranteed to break barriers in your youth ministry.

Here are a few testimonials:

Audi Lynch
“This was a solid course. Very practical steps to unifying and expanding your youth ministry. You can tell the instructor care about his students, as well as the youth he pastors over; he didn't hold back on his knowledge and concept”s that have worked for him. This was a good course. I will implement many of these concepts in my ever growing youth group”

Brian Wilson
“Good Material”

Jessie Bautista
“A whole lot of information and a huge help, I'm so grateful!

  Youth Ministry IdeasBlog: How to build a youth ministry with the team concept – Free online class