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How To Build A 5 Page 
Church Website

PastorDre - Youth Pastor

We also have a On Demand Webinar...

Note:  In This Webinar you will learn how to build a 5 page website that will allow you to stream your service live on YouTube.

You can also use this website for different ministries in your church, such as Student Ministry, Victory Home, Music Ministry, Children's Ministry and even for your Personal Ministry. 

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Victory Outreach Cape Town - Run 4 Hope

For over twenty years, Victory Outreach International has sponsored an annual “Run 4 Hope” event.

This 5k/10k run and walk-a-thon with Kiddie K for children, Motorcycle Run and even a “Doggie Run”, is not only a time of fun and fellowship for all ages, but most importantly it is a time for Victory Outreach family and friends to join together to raise much needed finances for “At Risk Youth” and Missions abroad. Thousands of inner-city.

The journey to end gang violence, prostitution, drugs and alcohol abuse starts with a single step.

Young people in the United States and different countries worldwide have been transformed and many lives touched by the Gospel because of the finances raised through Run 4 Hope. 

From the young addicts on the streets, to the precious street children, we are seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. We’d like to ask you to join us in this great endeavor.

Run 4 Hope is an opportunity for the entire family to get involved. Maybe you cannot take part physically; however consider giving a financial donation, so that this generation of inner-city youth and countries around the world will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read More...

Hi Pastor Nick   Want to hear something funny?  After all the work we put into the flyer, I posted it and the date and time was wrong.   Somebody seen it and said the 25th is a Friday and we the 25th as a Thursday. Also the times said 7:00pm to 10:00pm PST and it is suppose to be SAST. The class is 10:00am to 1:00pm PST.   Help us lord. I guess that is where the graphic design gift comes in. haha  I fixed it though.

V.O.I. Ministry of Education

Join me as a teach an 8 week course on Urban Leadership. In this class you will learn the skills and abilities that are needed for effective inner-city ministry.

The Classes will be held on Thursdays at 7:00pm (SAST) via zoom.
Starting September 24th, 2020

Rise Up Radio Segment with Pastor Dre


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How To Build A Church Website