How to pioneer a youth ministry

How to pioneer a Youth Ministry – Hello all, How you feelin? It’s your boy Pastor Dre and I just wanted to stop by and give a few tips and pointers you can use when you are pioneering a Youth Ministry. Just to give you a little background about myself. I have been working in … Read more

Ideas for youth ministry for the youth pastor


Youth Ministry Ideas for today’s Youth Pastor Hello everybody, How are you feeling today? First of all I would like to take this time to say thank you for stopping by and reading my Youth Ministry Ideas blog. In this short blog, I am going to share some youth ministry ideas that I have been … Read more

Dj Drops on Fiverr

Hello everybody – How are you feeling today? Hi my name is Andre also known as “Pastor Dre.” I am originally from the United States, but now I am a missionary in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been Producing Music and making Voice Overs for over 20 years. I look forward to serving you. … Read more

Youth Ministry Online Class – Free

FREE – Youth Ministry Online Class Hello everyone it’s your boy Pastor Dre. I am just stopping by to encourage you to enroll in my Free online class entitled “How to build a youth ministry with the team concept“ This class is filled with church youth program ideas and power packed content that is guaranteed … Read more