We have a vision – Sermon


Isaiah 45:2-3 

"Treasures out of Darkness"

We have a vision

We just read in Isaiah 45:2-3 - Were God says He will give us the Treasures of out Darkness.

This promise was given to our founders back in 1967 and God has been faithful to that promise for over 48 years...

I know we have a lot of new people in our Church so I thought it would be fitting to take a look at the history and vision of ministry.

Whenever God sees a need He will always raise up someone to meet that need.

God raised up Noah to build an Ark.

God raised up Moses to deliver His people.

God raised up David to be king of Israel.

God raised up Gideon to defeat the enemy.

God raised up Paul to reach the gentiles.

Back in 1967 God saw a need in the inner cities so He raised up our founders to meet that need.

Victory Outreach was birthed in the Heart and Mind of God to meet a specific need amongst the inner cities of the world.

Whenever there is a need God will always raise up someone to meet that need.

It may be a person the world least expects, but the Bible says God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

When God saw the need in the inner city of drug addiction and gangsterism He reached our founder and gave him a vision to reach out to drug addicts and their families.

Illustration from an article by Mark Hiehle

 I once heard of a woman who had locked her keys in her car at a mall. Not having the funds to call a locksmith, she prayed and asked God to help her. Shortly after, a rough looking man came up to her and asked if she needed any help. She told him that her keys were locked in her car; and in no time, the man used a wire and lifted the lock. The woman thanked him and said that he was an answer to prayer and an angel. The man said, "Oh, I am not an angel, ma'am. I just got out of prison." The woman looked to heaven and said, "Oh Lord, You are so good! You sent me an expert!"

God uses ordinary people to meet a specific need.

When looking at the disciples whom Jesus chose we might not have chosen that group of people. There were fishermen, Tax Collectors and Religious Zealots. We may have rejected this group because they were self-centered, focused on personal power, position, and rash. These men were ordinary, imperfect and had short comings, but God knew they had potential and purpose.

Whenever God wants to meet a need He knows the perfect person to raise up to meet that need. From what started with one Church in East Lost Angeles has grown into a World Wide Movement.

Victory Outreach began in the heart and mind of God.

God needed a vessel and God seen Pastor Sonny who was running from his mother’s prayers and the calling of God.

Pastor Sonny was a heroin addict in the streets of New York.

After years of praying God heard Pastor Sonny’s Moms prayers and God reached Pastor Sonny and placed him at the door step of 416 Clinton Ave which is called the "Teen Challenge Center."

- Pastor Sonny was taking there by a friend named Chino.

- Pastor Sonny tried to leave, but was confronted by ex-gang leader   Nicky Cruz.

- Nicky Cruz told Pastor Sonny where do you think you are going?

- Pastor Sonny ended up staying and feel asleep in spite of being strung out. - - -

When Pastor Sonny woke up he said "I am supposed to be sick"

- Nicky Cruz said "it is Jesus" and Pastor Sonny was delivered from drugs.

The late Pastor David Wilkerson and Evangelist Nicky Cruz thought it would be good for Pastor Sonny to go to Bible School

Pastor Sonny ended up going to L.A.B.I.

Pastor Sonny met and fell in love with Sister Julie Rivera. Pastor Sonny was in his 2nd year in Bible college when they got married and they have 2 boys and 3 girls...

Pastor Sonny was traveling with Evangelist Nicky Cruz, but he felt uneasy and didn't know why.

He got away and sought the Lord and the Lord spoke to him.

Quote from the book "Treasures out of Darkness"

page 89 - The Lord answered " I want you to open up a Church. I want to fill it with drug addicts and their families."

Pastor Sonny and Sis Julie were blessed out by Pastor David Wilkerson.

Pastor Sonny and Sister Julie started our first men’s home in their small apartment as they would take men into their house.

This place was called the Victory Home...

Our first Church building was located on 320 Gless St. in Los Angeles, Ca

At this time Pastor Sonny faced difficult times because there was no one to pattern himself after.

There were not any Churches of this kind that were reaching and keeping drug addicts and their families.

People even started calling it the addict Church.

As a matter of fact, Pastor Sonny was even told that you can't build a church with ex drug addicts and ex-gang members. There is just no way.

Pastor Sonny even mentions - when he would preach the anointing would come upon him. He would start prophesying and say some of you God is going to raise you up and you are going to take cities around the world.

Then when he was done preaching he would take a look at the people and say what did I just say. I don't know if it can be done with this group people.

Even Sister Julie would tell him "you sure were talking big."

The Promises of Isaiah 45:2-3 and Isaiah 54:2-3 were given by Evangelist Dick Mills.

For years we focused on Isaiah 45:2-3 and the significance of Isaiah 54:2-3 was not recognized for many years, but now it is an important part of our calling.

What does Isaiah 54:2-3 say:

Isaiah 54:2
Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes;

Isaiah 54:3
For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.

God has promised us "Treasures out of Darkness" and He has promised us that our descendants will inherit the nations.

How many know, that promise is coming to pass?

From one Church that started in a small city in Los Angeles, California which has now grown to a worldwide ministry.

We are in over 38 countries and guess what?

1 of those countries is South Africa!!!

Right now we have 4 churches in South Africa.

Not only that, but in just a few months you and I will be having the privilege of hosting our 3rd Victory Outreach International Africa Conference right here in Cape Town, South Africa.

I know we are excited because we have family who will be coming from all around the world. Family that we haven’t seen in a while they you may have met at last conference or the one before or at a retreat or a convention.

But not only are we excited about seeing family from all around the world, but we are also getting together to get our marching orders on how we can continue to see the promise that God has given us to reach Treasures out of Darkness come to pass.

We are excited about Africa Conference because there are going to be:

  • people being launched out to take cities,
  • churches being established in more cities,
  • U.T.C. students graduating and answering the call,
  • V.E.T.I. students graduating and getting licensed and
  • Not only that but a G.A.N.G. invasion will be taking place right before the conference.

You may say what is G.A.N.G. invasion? Well G.A.N.G. stands for God’s Anointed Now Generation and that is our International youth ministry and right before we have our conference there will be about 100 young people from around the world coming to South Africa to get radical for Jesus.

They will be hitting the streets, hitting the townships, hitting the malls, hitting the street corners and getting radical for Jesus for 3 weeks straight. They will start in JoBurg and Pretoria them make their way to Cape Town.

Then after that we go right into our conference for another week and celebrate the faithfulness of God to the promises that He has given us.

The promise of reaching "Treasures out of Darkness" with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The vision that God has given our ministry is not a man sized vision, but it is a God sized vision.

Illustration of Burger King:
It is kind of like when you go to Burger King and they ask you what size meal do you want?

You can do a small, medium or a super-size.

Our vision is a super-size vision.

I know we can think this task is impossible, but that's the same thing they said when we first started.

You can't build a Church with drug addicts and look what God has done. Side Note:

It might be time to Upgrade your personal vision to a God sized vision.

We have been called to reach the world. Why because there is a need.

Let me just share this quickly:

See God didn’t raise up Victory Outreach in South Africa because He needed another Church. There are plenty of Churches in South Africa and they are doing a great job.

God raised up Victory Outreach because there was a need.

He saw the need to reach the Gangster, the Drug Addict, the prostitute and their families.

There are plenty of testimonies in the House of God this morning that have been changed by the power of God.

We don’t only have those that were involved in Gangsterism and Drug addiction, but we have all walks of life, but our anointing is reaching the drug addict and the gangster.

We can go set up in a township and have a rally and people get saved.

Our power spot is reaching the inner cities of the world. The ones whom people have given up on. The ones that the world said wouldn’t amount to nothing. The ones that may have even given up on themselves, but God said those are the ones I want to use.

God has given us a special anointing and that is to reach the inner cities of the world.

So not only are we a local ministry here in Cape Town, but we are an international ministry with a promise to reach “Treasures out of Darkness.

Now before I close let me just share with you some of the values that we hold as a ministry, that has helped us to see this vision come to pass.

We are vision driven

A. We have a common vision that keeps us together. (To reach the Treasures out of Darkness)

B. Because of the problem of placement the church was established.

“Victory Outreach, praise God, is a vision-driven ministry. We’re” guided, directed, and controlled by what we believe are the Biblical purposes of our ministry.” -P. Sonny Arguinzoni Sr.

We are family oriented

This ministry has been built on relationships

Emphasis has been on family instead of organization that is why you hear us say things like that is my Spiritual Father, Spiritual Mom, Spiritual Son, Spiritual Daughter, that is our Mother Church, Daughter Church.

This ministry has been built on Commitment:

· Commitment to God

· Commitment to our church

· Commitment to our leaders

Commitment to each other-

Commitment to loyalty

· Restoration of the fallen

That means we are not just a program, we are not just an organization, but we are family.

We are Inner-City Focus

A. We go where the need is.

B. To evangelize the city with the message, hope and plan of

Jesus Christ.

C. We love evangelism the notorious townships with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are self-sustaining ministry 

Through the principles of tithes and offerings, and “United We


· When you build yourselves on the word of God, resources

will come the biblical way.

· We challenge our people to learn to be a consistent in our tithes, offerings, and pledges.

It is the responsibility of God’s People to support the God’s Work.

Let me say this – We like to challenge God’s people to support the Church. It is not the worlds responsibility to support God’s work.

These values and principles have worked for over 45 years and still works today, that is why it is important for you and I to honor them as we trail blaze into the future.

This morning I know we are excited about Africa Conference and the privilege that we have to host it.

Like I said we are going to see family from all around the world.

We are going to see people launched out, churches established and people answering the call of God to reach more “Treasures out of Darkness.”

How many would like to see more “Treasures out of Darkness” reached for the honor and glory of Jesus?

How many would like to see more families put back together.

It blesses my heart when I stand here on Sunday Mornings and I am praying before service and I say kids running up to their Mothers in the women’s home, hugging and crying.

Thankful that their Mommy is not on drugs anymore and they get to see her.

It blesses my heart when I see men from the home singing in the choir and worshipping God, when at one time there were locked up, doing drugs and had no direction.

Church we must not get used to how God is transforming and changing lives in our ministry.

Sermon: We have a vision

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