Free Rehab Centres in Cape Town

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If you are looking for Free Rehab Centres in Cape Town then you want to read about this powerful testimony of a young man that was bound by drug addiction, but has been set free. The cool thing is he went through our Free Recovery home at Victory Outreach Cape Town.

HELLO EVERYONE and thanks for tuning in to the Rise up radio segment brought to you by Victory Outreach Church of Cape Town. We are delighted that you have decided to tune in.

free rehab centres in cape town

Today on the Rise Up Radio Segment we are going to be featuring real life testimonies of the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, so if you know someone who is involved in substance abuse and is looking for a way out, we want to encourage you to call them up and tell them to tune in to the Rise Up Radio Segment coming at you now.

Hello everybody and welcome to the Up Rise Up Radio Segment brought to you by Victory Outreach Church of Cape Town.

Well first of all I just want to say Good afternoon to everybody out there listening we want to welcome you to our Rise Up Radio Segment. It is so good to have you tuned in. Today, we have an awesome programme for you. As a matter of fact, I want to encourage you to get on your phone, call up a friend and tell them to tune in. We going to be hearing Real live testimonies of lives that has been changed by the power of God and today on our show we have a young man Brother James is in the house and he is going to be sharing how God has delivered him from substance abuse and how God is using his life now so like I said if you know someone that is involved in substance abuse been affected by substance abuse call them up and tell them to tune in

Brother James how you feeling today

Thank you very much for having me Pastor Dre.  I’m feeling Very well Thank you very much for having me

All right, it’s so good to have you on the show can you give us an Afrikaans greeting out there to everybody listening

Goeie Middag almal wat luister welkom na hierdie uitsending en ek hoop julle geniet dit.

Prys die Here alright Amen you know I know a little Afrikaans too you know


Well It’s so good to have you on the show and I want you to just break down for the listeners how was your life like while you were using substances and drug addiction?

Thank you for asking Pastor Dre. Well Pastor Dre coming out of a family where I was the baby of a family of four children. I lost my mother at the age of 13 and growing up I had a father that was very supportive and about 2 weeks before my 21st  birthday my father was involved where he was in an accident and he got murdered so it was a kinda of difficult time for me at that time just coming out of Technikon had a decent upbringing gone to school done exceptionally well within school but it was the choices that I made after losing my father you know and then two years after that I got married, so life was going well the career was well I got promotion after promotion you know things were really going well but it was not until the last ten years after my 17 years of addiction where things starting spiraling out of control from losing all relationships to my son things started going bad you know I was the type of father who made promises to his children and never keep any of them I used to be the husband that used all the money of the home on my selfish desires you know. My wife went through a very hard, hard time as she was a patient of high blood you know it was hospital in and hospital out for her because of what I was doing to the family


 You know even my brother and my family they started turning their backs on me not to me as a person but to the things that I was doing the lifestyle I was living and ja things were just dark you know and

In the last days when things were out of control my wife was actually deciding on walking out of the marriage

Let me ask you this you had a great job

Yes Promotion after promotion even in my career I was one of the youngest junior managers in the field.

so having a great job you had a family how did you find yourself getting involved in drug addiction?

I think my first introduction into using drugs was at a very early age like I said just as I turned 21 that was went I started getting involved but when my career went all bad is because of my addiction it led me to start stealing from my job, start stealing from my family and that’s how I lost my job.

Wow that is a heavy testimony right there Brother James

And you know if you listening and you know someone that been affected by substance abuse or drug addiction give them a call and tell them to tune in

Ok Brother James I have a question for you we heard how your life was and how it affected your family how did you come to know Jesus?

How I came to know Jesus was through witnessing a friend’s life, someone that I used to smoke drugs with. He went into a programme and when he got out of that programme I could see the change that took place in his life and he told me as to what happened and where he went to and I knew then that is exactly what I need for my life and that is exactly what I need for my family’s life.


Alright welcome back to the Rise Up Radio Segment we have live in the house Brother James and we are hearing a life changing testimony

Ok Brother James I noticed in your testimony you mentioned that you went into a programme

Yes that is correct Pastor Dre

Tell me a little about that programme

The programme that I went onto believe it or not is that I went into a programme called the Victory Outreach Recovery Home.This is a 9 month stay in programme absolutely free

Well hold on hold on did you say free?

That is correct it is a 9 month programme where they provide board and bedding for 9 months at zero cost

Wow that is heavy Ok I’m sorry to interrupt you go ahead

And then within the programme where initially my plan was to go into the programme just for 6 months you know normally what we will would do is that we just try to ease the conscience of the family that we are in a programme but that was my plan going into the programme just to ease the family or to keep them quiet but it was within that programme where God really got a hold of my life where things started changing for the good this time around

Come on good stuff good stuff

Ok Tell me a little bit how did God minister to you in this programme because some people may be thinking programme ten thousand rand a month twenty thousand rand a month but you mentioned this programme is free. What takes place in that programme?

The Victory Outreach Recovery Programme is a place where we get to meet Jesus. it’s not a programme where we rely on people’s theology but it is God theology, where that really changed my life, learning who Jesus was ,what He has done for my life and through his principles and values that has really changed my life around.

You know what it sounds like to me, Brother James is that remember Paul when he was on the road to Damascus and he had an encounter with Jesus, it sounds like in this programme you had an encounter with Jesus

That is correct, I was definitely kicked off my high horse.

Hey l like that I like that ok do me a favour now, we heard how your life was before you got saved, we heard how you invited Jesus in your life. How is God using your life now?

Thank you very much for asking.  No from the point where I came into the programme you know from the day one God really started breaking me and after my plans was to come into the home for 6 months God has other plans for my life and he is currently using me as the recovery home director not only that God has also restored my family from the wife that wanted to walk out and divorce she actually gave up everything she has to come and join me serving the Lord and also added to that I have my daughters and my son that is living with me the very ones that I used to promise and disappoint all the time they living with me and serving the Lord and I am still believing God to restore the relationship with my son.

Wow that is heavy that is giving some hope to some family members out there. That is a powerful testimony. Now I notice you said your wife gave up everything to come and join you. Where were you staying before you moved to Cape Town?

I’m all the way from Pretoria and it was in the recovery Home that my life changed

You know Pastor Dre, I had to make a choice it was either losing everything that I had or it was the sacrifice that I had to make coming down to this 9 month programme that really changed my life.

Wow so You got touched, saved and delivered in the programme your wife was in Pretoria so she made a choice to say I gonna move and come support my husband, give up everything she had in Pretoria to be a part of you fulfilling God’s call on your life.

That is correct Pastor Dre, I think when my wife saw what Jesus did in my life she could see the change in me and this time around like the same commitment she made in our marriage is the very same commitment she made that she would come down and stay with me because she is the one that was praying for this change all along.

You know what that sounds like to me Brother James there might be a family member out there that’s praying for a loved one, praying for a son, praying for a daughter don’t give up

that is correct

don’t give up there is Hope for your son, there is hope for your daughter, there is hope for your family member.

We want to encourage you to stay tuned in

Brother James do me a favour. I want you to take some time share from your heart to someone who may be out there listening that may be affected by drug addiction.  

Amen Thank you Pastor Dre. You know if you are out there and you can relate to my testimony you can relate to disappointing yourself, the family as well as your children I would like to encourage you not to give up hope and to continue praying or maybe you a family member that is affected by someone that is using you know my wife did not give up on me she continued to pray and my encouragement to you is that continue praying because God has a plan for our lives and God can turn any situation around.

Now you say you the director of the recovery home say they want to get a hold of you how can they get a hold of you?

Yes to get hold of our recovery home you can contact us on 021 691 9575 and our operators are standing by to take your call and explain to you how you can get into this programme

Good stuff

Ok I know you mentioned about prayer and not giving up on prayer do me a favour can you say a prayer for our listeners out there today?

Amen. Let’s pray. Father we bless your name and we thank you God Father God we thank you for our lives God where you taken us from God and today I pray for each and every listener God especially that father that is out there Lord God that feels that there might not be hope for his addiction Lord God I pray for that families that are affected through a person of addiction God I pray God that you will intervene in their lives the same way that  you intervened into my life God  and I pray Lord that you would turn their situation around God I pray Lord God that you will send someone in their way Lord God even through this radio show God as a message of hope God for your plan God  and Lord we know that you are faithful and that you will turn it around for Your honour and your  glory in Jesus name Amen

Amen Wow. Well Brother James. We like to thank you for coming on the show today powerful testimony. Keep up the good work for the Lord.

Thank you very much Pastor Dre.

Alright, if this programme has ministered to you or blessing to you, you can get a hold of Victory Outreach Church let me give you our office number its 061 407 9474 we love to hear from you or you or you can visit our website at

Ok We see you next week on the Rise Up Radio Segment.

If you or someone you know is involved in substance abuse and is looking for a way out please contact our free recovery home at 021691 9575 or you can visit our website at

Once again thank you for tuning in and we look forward to seeing you again next week on the Rise up Radio Segment.

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